Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Nine Morning

All you need to do to have a good conversation is to sit down in a public area, look someone in the eyes and say hi.  That happened last night when in the Swedish Cafe (big white tent) having a Coke and chocolate bar.  A man in a wheelchair rolled by and for the next 1.5 hours we discussed Scouting in each country, politics, and many other things.  The Swedes love to talk and I've learned not to interrupt them until they pause for at least 5 seconds.

Americans (at least this one) tends to finish each other's sentences as a way to affirm they are understanding each other.  At times, we tend to talk at the same time.  In multiple conversations with Swedes, I've learned they don't like interruptions and want to tell the entire stream of consciousness before letting you add anything.  This have gone on for 5 minutes more than once.

The man was about 40 and in a wheelchair because of a bad car accident which broke his legs and crushed his ribcage.  His wife is on the planning team so his two young daughters were with him.  There are many children here but only allowed by Swedes on the organizing team.  He is also IST like me and volunteered to work in the kitchen after a plea went out in Sweden for this sort of help.

This morning I ate early and was sitting at a picnic table making woggles and an American who let me borrow a power adapter earlier came and talked about her job - working in the Earth area with kids.  They teach environmentalism with hands-on models and discussion.  This is very compatible with what Scouting has always taught but would generate some dissent from anti-green folks back home.

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