Monday, August 1, 2011

Day Eight

Today was an early morning work session but a lighter one that in the past.  My job today was to greet and regulate the youth queue to enter the store.  The store opens at 7 AM and the store is filled until 9 AM.

10,000 participants each day for the next three will venture away from Kristianstad to "camp-in-camp".  They go to some smaller camp area in southern Sweden to experience a more natural setting.  The Swedes take a hike in a different location.  This means that 25% of the population is away now which makes the place much less crowded.

This afternoon, I ventured back to the World Village area where each country has a tent to display their scouting culture.  This is very interesting but geared for the youth.  The US tent is a frisbee game that promotes the Bechtel camp that will host the World Jamboree in 2019.  This will not be a mere US hosting but will involve Canada and Mexico as well.  That is good news as it will have the order that Americans insist upon, with the casual feeling that is special to a World Jamboree.

Even the Swedes I've spoken with are grumbling at the lack of organization that I've come to expect at a WSJ.  The main issue is that many IST who come but don't do their jobs; not very Scouting of them. The Americans are all hard-working regardless of their assigned duties.  I've heard that the dining hall that serves 10,000 meals to adults three times a day is short 260 people.  That makes it harder on those who are conscientious.  Even a "cushy" job like mine has a 15% absentee rate - those who've never come.

Tomorrow, I will leave work for an hour or so to attend a reception with the chief US scout professional, Bob Mazzuca.  Last Jamboree, the National Commissioner was in attendance.  They treat you real nice and thank you for being there.  A nice commemorative gift is typically given.

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