Sunday, July 31, 2011

Day Seven - Free Day

It's now Sunday and I had a free day to do what I wish.  This morning and afternoon I found a spot under a tree and leaned against a rock to draw and paint.  From where I was you could hear sounds from the main village about 1/2 mile away and the occasional group of young people walking by.  At this point, it's not too hard to pick out which language is being spoken.

Two hours this morning, I did my best to do a landscape in a more realistic manner but realized that I don't have the tools to pull that off.  In the afternoon, I took a more realistic approach and almost finished a more abstract landscape. 

The weather finally turned nice and is now in the mid-70's, breezy, and completely sunny.  That is good as I needed to wash my shirt for work.  We have a tan-colored shirt to identify us in the store and mine was getting a bit ripe.  Despite a wind, the weather was so humid that nothing would dry before today.

Being almost 54, I can tell that things don't work as they used to.  Taking a short break last night at work, I laid on a bench to flatten my back and I had to get another old guy working with me to help me up.  Mornings are tough but after a shower, I feel good.

The food is OK but not to my preference.  There is a Swedish current, but I long for spicy and sweet things.  Lunch was a variation on Mexican and was a great diversion from white fish and oatmeal.  A coke at the end of the day will apparently have to be my food connection to home for now.

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