Thursday, July 28, 2011


The trip to Kanderstag went without much drama.  There is always stress going on a long trip overseas, especially by oneself.  On this trip however, you find others wearing the uniform and start a group.

It took a lot less time to arrive than the trip to England in 2007, but the communications and preparation at the site was not great.  The weather and excitement of the event was great however which put all in a good mood.

Most speak English very well, which for Americans is an advantage.  Some conversations require enhanced listening skills.  An Indian friend on my team speaks English, but with a very thick and fast past tongue.

We received our job assignments and mine is to work in one of the participant grocery stores.  This should be a good one as it's indoors but will require me to stand for much of the 8 hour shift.  Each of the three participant sections has a large grocery store where the 1000 patrols must buy their food each meal.  It is cashless but they are given a voucher card and must prepare a meal plan and ration their food so they have enough at the end.  If they use it all up on expensive meats at the beginning, they won't have any at the end.  It's a good lesson to learn.

All for now - I'll probably back up to day One on the next entry.

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