Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day One - Travel

Arriving in Atlanta allowed me to find a dozen others with uniforms - going to Sweden via Copenhagen.  The 9 1/2 hour flight was made better by having a talkative person from Mississippi who was a historian documenting the Grant memoirs.  He had lived in Copenhagen for three years and was going back to visit friends.  There were a few tips he gave me for the one day we will have there shortly.

Once in Copenhagen, it was a scenic 2-hour bus ride to the Jamboree site.  Arriving at the check-in point brought back memories of England when I was the one checking people in.  After the two hour line, we took another bus to the IST camp where we received our paperwork, tee-shirt and patches.  What I was to do for the next two weeks was on my paperwork but all in code.  One more day would reveal that detail.

The site is relatively flat, open, and sandy and when not used for camping is a site for the military to train.  The weather is such a relief from the 100 degrees and humid weather back home.  At night, a light jacket is fine and not needed in the day.

The first couple days are always confusion as to where to be and what to do.  Most jobs are to be done by IST and until they arrive, most things don't work well.  Day One is to understand where to be on Day Two.

After such a long day of travel and discovery, I had no problem sleeping.  The half-dozen cat-naps on the plane helped a lot and let me get in sync with with the time change.

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