Saturday, July 23, 2011

Leaving Tomorrow

Clothes for two weeks and everything else I may need is packed and ready to go.  My paperwork is checked and organized so I can find it quickly.  I have my boarding passes to Atlanta - and for the flight from Atlanta to Copenhagen.

The very nice duffle the BSA gave me for my stuff is not quite full and weighs right at 40 pounds.  It will be checked all the way and I'll carry a full backpack weighing 14 pounds that includes my sleeping bag, two changes of clothes, a rain poncho, and my fleece jacket - the essentials that are necessary if my duffle doesn't keep up with me.  It was tempting to put the jacket in the duffle, but it will be no higher than 65 degrees when I arrive on Monday morning.  It will also be nice to have it on the plane.

Monday will be a day to check in and set up my tent.  On Tuesday there will be IST training and we'll meet our work teams.  Our work should begin on Wednesday when the youth contingents arrive.

There was a note about the Norwegian terror attack on the Jamboree website.  It pointed out that this was a targeted attack on Norway with no connection to our event.  The Swedish police are consulting with the Jamboree staff for security.   Knowing that "I" was part of the front-line security team last Jamboree makes me curious about the nature of security at this very visible global event.

My next post may not be for a few days but will be from Sweden.

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