Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Two & Three - IST Training and Participant Arrival

The past two days had all International Service Team staff in training.  For me, it was meeting my patrol of three Dutch women and one man from India.  I am the youngest.  They called us the pensioner team.

We went through a series of games and drills to get to know each other and understand our individual customs.  There was a great deal of walking  - to get familiar with the camp.

Yesterday, the participants arrived from all over the world.  It took most of 18 hours to get all in and set up.  There is an enormous pile of cut logs that the kids are toting to their campsite.  My guess is that most are using these to build gateways but some are quite clever and using their pioneering skills to build platforms for their tents and towers to raise their country's flag.

It is good that they came on the 27th as it has rained since that day.  It's a soft rain but ever-present.  Now that the youth arrived, all things seem ready and open.  The opening ceremony takes place on the second night.

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